Examples of Nonfiction

Electronic Resources Available for Elementary Students

Online subscription databases (Oklahoma’s Digital Prairie databases---available free of charge to ALL school libraries).

  • Guide to Recommend Children's Books and Media to Use with Every Elementary Subject, Second Edition by
Kathryn I. Matthew and Joy L. Lowe ISBN: 1555706886 Publication Date: 2010.
This invaluable new guide is an exhaustive, one-stop resource for any librarian or teacher seeking to
meet current national educational standards and integrate high-quality children’s literature into everyday learning.
Authors Kathryn Matthew and Joy Lowe detail over 1,200 books, videos, software, CDs, DVDs and Web sites.

Nonfiction Resources Online for Lesson Plans and Instruction

Covers all grade levels and subject areas; "original booklists" takes you to the complete lists which includes books about family, peace and justice, and multiculturalism.